About the title "Soul Ajar?

Emily Dickinson said, "Every soul should stand ajar" . I take her meaning to be that every one should stay open to the wonders around us. I try hard to do that but I also keep the door open to let things escape.


About me ?

There's precious little to say that the bits and pieces found in Soul Ajar have not already revealed.

But if you insist... it goes like this: the subject is an elderly female, who doesn't wear her hearing aids often enough. Her eye sight is pretty good until she tries to read. She keeps company with aches and pains and no longer takes pleasure in looking in her mirror. She does find flow in writing* and web doodling and figures that, if she keeps her marbles, she'll be able to continue to combine the two for,at least, another two and a half decades. Beyond this, she is willing to give up said marbles and her third pacemaker. The first one was implanted when she was 65 (just in time for Medicare). Given an ideal range of ten years for the life of these little cardiac contraptions, she can and does expect to upgrade three times.



*All written material ,photos and graphics are mine except when noted .

The background picture of Emily Dickinson was right -clicked and given my head. Why? I don't know...for the hell of it I guess.