See another soul ajar!



Off- Beat

I've a pacemaker in my chest
makes me different from the rest
I've a bulge above my heart
that tells that organ when to start
To beat more fast instead of slow
I've a pacemaker, don't you know.

I've a pacemaker in my chest
in a pocket quite recessed
but I'm so skinny, it sticks out
one silly way to go about!
A high tech protuberance lodged within
to the left below my chin

they say in time I will forget
I've got this bump but not just yet.
this thing with voltage zapping when
my stupid heart no signal send

The thing that bothers me the most
in being to this thing a host
is one day they must excavate
to replace batteries that's my fate.
Eight to ten years is the range
the time wherein they make the change
at this rate should I live to be
to 96…I'll have had THREE!