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(A curmudgeon's take on paradise.)


Back...damn it!
Why did we return...in all the summer heat? My husband and I have returned to oversee some work that's to be done on our apartment in a beautiful beachfront condominium. We hope the work is going to occur as our board of directors has yet to grant us permission. They rejected our first set of plans causing us to go to a professional for drawings. I still don't understand why it's any of their business what we do in the secrecy of the rooms that don't belong to the common areas or effect plumbing and that sort of thing. But no...they force us to understand in detail what we are doing which has never been our style and it's cruel to make us start this at such an advanced stage of life.

Why are we fixing up the apartment in the first place? Good question To keep up with the Jones I guess. Everyone's doing it with the rationale that,increasing square footage under air (the enclosure of the lanai or terrace ) will bring a better price when we go to sell it. Sell it? We'd be nuts to do that. The way the real estate prices here have sky rocketed...we wouldn't be able to afford such a place now. No, we'll not sell so our rationale is that we want the kids to inherit a turn key situation and not some old piece of junk that was in style 25 years ago. Nothing worse than a black and white Deco decorated pad with pop corn ceilings.

Stay tuned.

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