(A cumudgeon's take on paradise)


Mirror -Mirror
Now about those swanky new elevators that work when they feel like it.If you look at them from the Atrium (yes we have an atrium) they resemble some kind of a glass bug climbing the walls. Inside, you can either look out at the vanishing or approaching...depends on which button you pushed...Atrium with it's fountain and reflecting pool and live Palms and tropical plants happy to be part of such a grand tower of luxury... Or you can turn and face the doors of the elevator which are mirrored from top to bottom. Guess which one 95 % of us use?

Mirror-Mirror on the door
I look at you until my floor's the main excitement of the day. Of course you can't indulge your vanity when someone shares the elevator with you. No! Then you have to play the pleasant game which takes up too much energy and gives zilch in return. I'd take the service elevator but it doesn't have a mirror so I'm in constant conflict between my avoidance personality and my narcissistic one.

More Mirror
So I was contemplating my visage when the elevator stopped to let an intruder in. Ciao mirror for now. "Beautiful day!", said the sap from the fourth floor. "Wonderful!" I replied. Silence. "Paradise!" I agreed and said,"you bet!" I couldn't help but notice the disparity between his old face and his pearly whites. Come on...either get a face lift or tone down those teeth thought I as the doors mercifully opened. He ,no doubt was musing on my yellows which I would gladly bleach if I could. But I can't unless I take them all out and start fresh due to the fact that my mouth is so full of caps and crowns that I'm fit
only for a graduation.

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