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An E Mail flash from the social director type person of our vertical castle; A Valentine's day Party announcement. Oh Goody...and after that, a St. Patrick's day party and so on until the snowbird season is over. Once again I am reminded of Kindergarten and assisted living where the days are sectioned off according to Hallmark. But wait! Tomorrow is Super Bowl! This means that there will be one official party down in the atrium and several private celebrations in various apartments. Which ever you go to (if you go at won't see me there) there will be good natured but prudent betting on outcome and point spread.

America loves the Superbowl. I grew up without it. Back then, baseball held sway. I don't give a rat's ass about either one of these past times . I think it's the team concept mixed with crowd dynamics that is so not cool for me. Come to think of it...I have never been able to root. I'm not particularly proud of this inability to throw myself in back of a bunch of people micro managing a ball one way or another across a field.

I was a lousy soccer mom too.

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