"Hard to Swallow"

Poor old Ned. He rapidly lost all his marbles even the ones that told him how to swallow. He was shipped over to the other side, a euphemism for the Alztheimer's unit a destination Edith was spared when a stroke swiftly assigned her to a nursing home .The only thing worse than the other side is , hands down, a nursing home. Everyone still in possesion of working brain cells (there aren't many of us) live in fear of these two options. There is a third option but most of us are in a state of denial about that.

They've been talking to me about Mrs. N. She's gotten worse . They want to put her on that other side.Up until now, we've been together in our suite but her hallucinations and stange behaviors are keeping me awake most of the night . She accuses me of having women in my bed and rips my bedding off to reveal the "whores." This can happen several times a night and it is hard to quiet her down. This is a dilemma because a part of me wants some peace and quiet but, God Damn it!, how can I consent to moving her over there? I've always protected her but since the surgery .... My daughter thinks it's for the best (easy for her to say) but I don't know. They're a bunch of loonies over there...


The house of Has Beens

Mr. N. finally did agree to his wife's removal. She was escorted everyday to his room for a visit.

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