Prozac for Pooch?

Part 1

I wonder where he peed last time
his liquid calling cards
that dorky dinky dog of mine
his leg up best regards.

He knows he shouldn’t...yet he does
perhaps he’s mad at me
this way before he never was
“surprise!” on sprinkler spree!

I’ll have to take him to a shrink
to ferret out the key
I know I’ll never sleep a wink
till he does therapeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Part 2

It’s been suggested
doggie needs

for his deeds

I think I’ll go
and ask the Vet
if Prozac’s good
for symtoms wet.

Oh Doctor can you
please prescribe
some Prozac
for what I describe?

Or do we really
need to find
the toxic things
in doggies mind?

“We can do both”,
spoke Doctor Grin
“Here’re the pills
spend time
with him.”

“Quality time
you lousy mom
you’re lucky he’s
not left a bomb!"

“For if this malady’s
left unchecked
his bowels will speak
to your neglect!”

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