In a world crazed with power,
at a time when life feels so overwhelming-
my insides continue to scream for a better way.

From Parents to Presidents.
From believers to disbelievers.
As a nation or as a little child,
the scope of the problem differs,
yet the feelings remain similar.

The need and the longing to love and be loved
is again taken away.
That same feeling of powerlessness experienced as a child
is now again real.

Is it only by turning away and sacrificing our dreams
that we survive?

By following orders, do we follow a path
detached from our hearts?

Followers have each other and a leader whom to listen.
Their meaningless, lifeless responses serve only to squelch
out the pain of being untrue.

As a mother and child,
there's a bond between a follower and leader-
a superficial bond brought about by rules and regulations
which is much less threatening than the aloneness which
when fighting for who we are.

It's kind of strange, the event they named "war",
it comes in many forms;
why can't people see the battles before the arms and
ammunition are displayed?

Is it only by acting out that we begin to shatter the
illusions invented?
Is it only by tragedy that we begin to see?
Can the pain be understood before the bruises appear?

The questions continue to flow,
but the problems linger;
whether a child or a nation-
true souls are rarely born.

We live a life in tomorrow
when the beauty remains in the day,
if we dare to search...