You took my life away
You made me feel good
You made me feel bad
I wanted you to go away,
Yet I needed you so

Without you I’d be lost
With you I’m numb
Between a rock and a hard place
I thought of you all the time
Yet desperately tried to get away

I was in your grip
You made me think I was out of your grip
I grew confident
You came back

You are my best friend,
Yet I hate you

Then I realized you were trying to kill me
Your seduction no longer worked
You went away

I was relieved
I was growing content
I forgot the living hell you put me through
I invited you back

For awhile you were kind
You comforted me
and made me feel alive
but then
Your old self came back
Yet, you were worse this time

You pointed out my weakness
Made me feel worthless
I couldn’t get out
I was stuck

I lost myself
I lost my friends
I lost all the things that meant something to me
I stuck by you and
You stuck by me
caused my bitter end

PTC - 4/99