I think that I have never seen
a picture quite like this between
the pages of a weekly mag
at first I thought it was a gag

How did the camera capture so
the essense intuition know
or is it me who wants to see
the underneath absurdity.


If I'm so smart
how come I'm not
the leader of the globe
the answer is
takes not a whiz
and not much frontal lobe.

If I'm so wise
why take I size
of certain leaders so
the answer's clear
it's them I fear
they're scary don't you know.

If I'm so great
a head of state
oh surely I should be
but here's the thing
I'm not right wing
and that's what's wrong with me.

If I'm a sap
how come I tap
into a stream of thought
that follows rules
for minds as tools
instead with bombs we're caught..

If I've a mind
not too defined
but full of common sense
with judgement good
(even ) I understood
the dead lack recompense.

It's still a mess
they won't confess
it was big fat mistake

we'll "stay the course"

denial's force

for the axis of error's sake.

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